Online Course for Patent Agent Examination

Puli Research Foundation presents the most comprehensive study of the Indian Patent Law in a highly simplified form through this online course specially designed for candidates aspiring to clear the Patent Agent Examination conducted by the Indian Patent Office.
As many of us are aware, the patent law embodied as Acts and rules, are quite complex and difficult to comprehend and interpret owing to their techno-legal nature. However, for inventors and aspiring patent agents, it is extremely important to not just be aware of but have a certain degree of expertise in the patent law and procedures. In fact, to be recognized and registered as a patent agent by the Government of India, a candidate (who is not a legal practitioner) has to qualify in probably one of the most difficult, strenuous and comprehensive examinations , which is conducted by the Indian Patent Office – The Patent Agent Examination.
The duration of our course is 45 to 60 days. Our course presents the Indian Patent law in an extremely simplified form and as distinct modules that can be easily understood by a subscriber with any technical background. We provide all the important aspects of the law (embodied as Acts and Rules) at one place without requiring the candidate to supplement this course with any further outside coaching. We provide all the necessary aids to the subscriber to understand the patent law, such as, examples, definitions of the technical or legal terms and simplified diagrammatic or graphical interpretations of complex aspects.
One of our course’s most important features is that we provide mock question papers (answers to which are provided separately) related to each of the modules that test the subscriber’s understanding of the subject matter pertaining to that particular module. We also provide previous years’ question papers along with answers to all the questions therein. This shall prove to be of great help to the subscriber in his/her preparation for the examination.
Apart from this, we provide general tips based on experience that would help the subscribers in approaching the preparation and examination with meticulous preparation in the right direction. The subscriber can also approach us through phone or e-mail to clarify any doubts regarding the subject matter.
The designer of this course, Puli Rupesh Kumar, is a registered Patent Agent, who qualified in the Patent Agent Examination – 2013 with 80% marks and was ranked 4th in India.

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