We offer the following services

  • Novelty and Patentability analysis and reports.
  • Filing Indian and International (PCT) patent applications.
  • Prior-art search: Exhaustive worldwide search of patent and non-patent literature on the subject matter of the client’s interest.
  • Patent Landscape Reports.
  • Freedom-to-operate (FTO) analysis.
  • Prosecution of the patent application, responding to office actions, preparation and filing of response to objections, modification of specifications and/or claims as required by the Patent office and representing the client before the Controller.
  • Patent Maintenance services: We maintain a unique patent renewal calender for each patent entrusted to us under this service and alert the client well in advance. We also offer to pay the said fee after receiving the same from the client.
  • Invalidation opinion.
  • Infringement analysis and suggesting non-infringing alternatives (as applicable).
  • Patent restoration services.
  • Due diligence on the client’s behalf during licensing deals.
  • Scrutinizing agreements related to the assignment and licensing of patents.
  • Patent related consultation services.

We shall maintain utmost confidentiality and ensure that all the disclosures made to us are secured through non-disclosure agreements and we shall not disclose any confidential information except with the consent of the client.  

We offer, any or all of our services, at the most competitive prices keeping in view the limitations of the individual inventors, small establishments and the academia.  
Please contact us at : info@puliresearch.com