Novel highly stable orally administrable multiple emulsion technology that can be tailored for delivering combinations of actives and/or modifying the release rate of actives. Ideal for Fixed Dose Combinations and modified release products (Ex. ARVs, anti-TB, H+ pump inhibitors, anti-hypertensives etc.) as an alternative to the difficult and less productive technologies like multilayered tablets and matrix/membrane type modified release tablets/pellets/granules.


Novel stable coating compositions capable of forming edible biodegradable non-toxic film coat on food, pharmaceutical and other substrates which provides them insulation by preventing heat transfer across the film coating layer(s) and protection from heat, high temperatures and extreme variations in temperature for a prolonged period of time thereby aiding in an increase in their shelf-life and which can be applied to the substrate through conventional coating methods known in the art using routine coating parameters used in the coating of food products and pharmaceuticals without employing any exceptionally extreme processing conditions that can result in degradation of the food and pharmaceutical substrate being coated.


This product reduces the craving for food and is ideal for people suffering from diabetes and hypertension especially during journeys when special food needs are difficult to meet.