Our business involves...

Providing Patent Services
Services offered by us include professional patent drafting, filing and prosecution services and training for aspiring patent agents with particular emphasis on clearing the Patent Agent Examination conducted by the Indian Patent Office.
Patents - Education and Training Patents - Services

Developing and Marketing Herbal cosmetics
We are engaged in the research and development of Herbal Cosmetics. Our prime focus is on the development of effective formulations of herbal medicinal ingredients described extensively in the traditional Indian literature. We believe in providing effective alternatives to allopathic medicine sans the side effects usually associated with the allopathic medicines. We invite marketing partners for our products.
Herbal Cosmetics

Developing, patenting and licensing novel innovative technologies in the field of Pharmaceuticals.
We are involved in research and development of novel innovative concepts and technologies that have wide-ranging applicability in the field of Pharmaceuticals. Our concept involves patenting these technologies and licensing the same to interested parties.
Novel Technologies